Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Yay food!

I just got back from the Farmers Gateway Market, and man did I get some awesome stuff!

zucchini, flatleaf parsley, lettuce, blackberries(huge suckers!) purple string beans, sweet corn(non gmo organic of course) onions, free range eggs from my friend Rebecca (the chickens are gorgeous gals!) bread baked this afternoon by Whits End Homestead, golden beets, and...I think thats it.

I know this post isn't exactly about running, but as I'm sure you know, healthy eating is vital to running well. I used to buy local and organic out of fear of pesticides and their ilk, but now its so much more than that, there is a beauty in fresh food grown by people you actually know that is unmatched even in the most fancy Whole Foods store (and cheaper no less!).
Anywho, I won't preach too much about that, (off soapbox now).

Oh I also rain in a light rain this morning, it was so nice!

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