Monday, August 22, 2011


I know this is my second post complaining about my slow pace, but it must be done.
I am so discouraged, I feel like I will never run fast than 11min/mile, and that is killing my motivation. I know I've only been at this 3 months, but I feel like I should be going faster than this, people who are twice my age go faster than I do. And despite what I hear about running being an accessible sport, I really don't feel like I am a real runner, more like a jogger. I dont want to be a jogger. Im hoping once I can run 30 minutes straight (next week is the week!) I can incorporate tempo/interval runs and hill repeats into my routine to amp up my speed. I want to run far and fast, and nothing can stop me (except pregnancy, no Im not pregnant)

 Anyway, here's the end of my whine fest.

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