Friday, January 13, 2012


Have I mentioned I hate strength training?

Its boring, you don't go anywhere, and it kills more than running ever has. I guess thats why I need to do it more? I was stuck inside due to extremely gusty winds and snow. Usually weather isn't a deterrent for me to run outside, but I made an exception for the 5 degree wind chill and 50 mph wind gusts.

I did circuits of step ups, lunge kicks, and squat jumps for legs, various ab exercise's totaling 112 reps (!!!) and for arms I did about 30 push-ups, 16 bench presses with 12 lb weights, and 24 triceps dips.


Woah, now that I actually added that all up no wonder my entire body was jelly when I was done. 

Anyway, tomorrow is a long run, maybe push up to 6.5 miles. We'll see if the weather is tolerable.

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