Sunday, January 15, 2012

Born to Run

So I started reading Christopher McDougall's book Born To Run and I am so fascinated by the people the book is about, they're called the Tarahumara.

Check this out:

I've been interested in minimalist footwear and barefoot running for a little while, and I do wear minimalist shoes (zero drop heel, minimal cushioning) and from what I can tell I do land at least mid-foot, which is close to ideal (ball of the foot) There are no peer reviewed studies out yet, so most of the benefits of barefoot running are anecdotal or conjecture. There is a market now full of $100 dollar minimalist shoes, which I feel defeats the purpose, the Tarahumara shod their feet with old tires or nothing at all. As far as barefoot running is concerned, I feel like it is a good bet based on our evolutionary background. We are built to run, so why cushion the heck out of our feet?

Anyway, thats just my jumbled thought streamon the matter rambling along.

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