Friday, February 3, 2012

Am I crazy?

If you know me in person, don't answer that.

I am officially running the Dicks Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Half Marathon for Dirty Vagabond Ministries(DVM). *phew*

I had decided to register last Saturday. Unfortunately you need duckets (money, moola, denari) which we didn't have any to spare at this time. The race is almost full so if I had had to wait I would not have been able to race. Thank goodness for DVM, because they made it possible for me to just pay half of the entry fee or raise the whole amount! I also have to raise 300.00 on top of that, but I hope to raise more than the minimum, because this is a great thing they do.

Check out their website, and if you want to sponsor me for the race please do! I will have a donation page set up in the next few days!

 Dirty Vagabond Ministries

So, I plan on starting my training 10 weeks before the race, but I am doing something in the mean time. I am going to start a 3 week routine to prepare myself for the half marathon training. Wish me luck!


  1. I'd appreciate that so much! I'm still waiting for them to set me up a donation page so I'll let you know. :)