Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rest day, twiddling my thumbs.

Okay okay, so I started a little late with the blogging about progress thing. Lemme 'lone.

Today is a rest day, is it weird I'm disappointed?

I started the program June 13th, so I've been at it for a little over a month now. I've gotta say, never in a million, zillion years did I think I could do something like this, never ever. I can now run 8 minutes at a time, and I'm not dead or almost dead at the end of it. I really believe if you want to start running, an incremental plan is the way to go. I went throughout this thing just adding a minute or two into each running segment and subtracting the walking portion little by little, and that has been what works. My problem before when I'd take a stab at running was I was going at it too much and too fast. I felt like, "I can't be a runner unless I'm running the whole time, walking is for wusses!" o_o Lame-sauce, I know. I am now in the school of thought that preaches, "slow and steady wins the race." I enjoy running so stinkin' much it blows my mind. I'm still very much a beginner mind you, but I have high hopes of finishing a marathon some years from now. You watch.

Btw, this movie is the best inspirational running movie. Ever. Spirit of the Marathon

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